Luxury for all...


"Luxury Living Azur" believes that luxury can be for all and specialise in creating fabulous home environments. Whatever your requirements, budget and circumstances, they offer a service tailored for you.

Jane has been designing amazing homes for nearly 20 years  in London, Dubai and now the Cote D'Azur. She brings a fresh approach with an eclectic twist, mixing styles, cultures and tastes.


  • Design consultations -  To discuss your home and your requirements. From single rooms to complete homes.


  • Handmade furniture and curtains - Sourcing from Europe and beyond offers you an amazing choice at competitive pricing.


  • Furniture Sourcing  - To your budget. Getting the right affordable piece can be very daunting, let alone furnishing a whole property. Years of experience mean we can assist at all stages.


  • Interior Design Coaching - An exciting new way for you to design your home If you need guidance, assurance in making confident choices, Jane can coach you through the process, enabling you to create your own designs and ensuring there are no costly mistakes.


Amazing homes can be created for all budgets and allows us all our own haven of luxury.


Luxury Living Azur


Cote D Azur


Tel: +33 (0)752 984 487


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